- All That Music

  Eyes are the windows to the soul. It takes one tune to fall in love with AG's, cause we've taken that       notion seriously and created a soulful place behind large windows, with its rich decor, yielding                 breathtaking view of Amman, with the amazing songs of the live band players. This will definitely

  make you more than an excuse to declare AG's as your new affair.

- In Room Dining

Offering 24-hour luxury dining in the comfort and privacy of your guest room, with an extensive menu that combines elements of our diverse dining portfolio with international appeal.

- Breath In, Breath Out. Repeat

  ​The name suggests a night hangout but the tranquil relaxed mood is set long before the sun sets down.         Tucked away from Amman's hustle and bustle and occupying a charming portico overlooking our                 amazing pool -with a fabulous view of the city as backdrop- is the Luna Terrace, this summer's afternoon     sojourn choice that will keep you comfy on your chair till way after the sun sets, especially with the aroma     and taste of your favorite argeeleh flavor, becoming the ideal way to blow away the commotion of your day   

- Take Some Time Out

   A charming break from formality, Luna Lounge is a casual yet chic area where you can take moment          away from your busy schedule and simply take in the relaxed atmosphere. Offering a wide selection of      tea, coffee and cocktails sipped while enjoying the live tunes of our pianist, Luna Lounge presents itself      as the ideal setting for casual meeting or a chat with business associate.

Chic interior and modern architecture add to the charm of Bristol and allow it to emerge as Amman's only boutique hotel, serving a niche clientele by combining all the luxuries of a first class stay with the functionality of business-centric comfort, making it the preferred destination for foreign and local executives alike.

- A Taste Of The Mediterranean

  ​A quiet Dining experience awaits you at The Andalusia, serving dishes from various Mediterranean and   Middle Eastern origins, and emerging as an ideal spot for a formal business lunch or dinner where you     can treat your guests in an elegant and classy atmosphere.