At Panacea, we really know how to spoil you. get rid of  your daily stress and strain, slip instead into a bubbling jacuzzi and forget worries ever existed.glide through the gentle waters of the swimming pool, when you get into the sauna you will feel purer and our various massage bundle will surely relieve you from all possible pressure and negative vibes.


Practice efficient exercise on state-of-the-art machines while benefiting from personalized programs devised by professional trainers. Burn your excess fat, get rid of extra calories, acquire fitness. Panacea indulges you in a stimulating  atmosphere with group classes in aerobics.
​At Panacea, you practice the ultimate  sports.
As the name Panacea indicates, it is ultimate remedy for all your ills and difficulties. offering you diversified sport activities, relaxing amenities,  business TV channels,  refreshments, cosmetic treatment and other luxuries. Panacea health club has an out-of-this-world environment all year long. Panacea promises and delivers the ultimate well-being.

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Size : 110 square meters

Depth : 60 cm - 160 cm